Get Involved

Make a Donation

Making a donation helps students and teachers enhance their learning by providing support for academic excellence to LVISD.

Employee Giving Campaign

Employees, staff and administrators can be part of the solution and help bridge the gap to fund academic excellence in LVISD.

Become a Legacy Donor

Change the lives of the LVISD students and teachers by donating within your estate plan or by contributing a life income gift.

Personal Tributes and Memorials

Memorialize your loved ones with a gift to LVEF.

Become a Committee Member

Become a committee member and help with the raising of funds for LVEF. After serving on a committee for 1 year, you will be able to run for a Board Member position within LVEF.

Become a Corporate Partner

Becoming a corporate partner allows corporations and businesses to donate monthly or annually, while making a difference in their community.

Become a Founding Family

To LVEF, there is nothing more important than Family and Community and we would like to invite you to become a Founding Family within our organization. As an individual, you can leave your personal legacy or your family's or group's legacy in stone. Through an exciting, iconic artwork, we will work to raise $100,000.00 through individual or family donation memberships of minimum of $10,000.00 each or with a four year commitment of $2,500.00. LVEF wants to enrich the lives of our students and educators and once the memberships are subscribed, families, individuals, or groups who become members through this program will live on in perpetuity as permanent reminders of the strength and commitment of our community.

Becoming a Founding Family will exclusively be available for our first year of inception and the deadline for becoming a member will be May 1, 2016. As a Founding Family member, you will receive a teacher grant every year that will be given in your family's name. For more information, please contact LVEF at (830)460-9223.